Old Budget Hardtail Gets Fixed Up and Sent Hard!

21 Rgp 2020
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Budget Mountain Bike Gets Upgraded and Sent Hard!
In a previous video, we started fixing up an old entry level hardtail mountain bike, only to get stuck due to poor planning. We were going to give the bike to a lucky kid, but to meet the deadline we actually gave him a totally different bike. That video is here: ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/1aR6m5pjZ6andbw.html
This week, we’re finishing what we started! With a bin full of the proper parts that actually fit the bike, we’re going to build it up and get it working. Then, we’ll hold on to it for a little bit and test it out on our backyard mountain bike trails! Enjoy.
Bolt on Skewers amzn.to/3j57Ghc
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$99 Fork amzn.to/32in838
Fidlock Water Bottle amzn.to/3ggFtT3
Ergon Grips amzn.to/2FKxu43
Single speed chainring amzn.to/31dydmD
Box 3 Drivetrain bit.ly/2YCoDYX
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    miriam desoyomiriam desoyoPrieš 13 val
  • Why does the videos title sound pornographic

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  • Hi there? Your team need help me ok? I can ask question. I will plan which best cheap budget wheelsets specification match trail/downhill list. - Maxxis or CST tires: ● 29er tire model? - Shimano, Weapon or Speedone hubs: ● Hub cassette type? ● Hub many pawls or no pawls? - Brand rims: ● 29er rim widths 30mm ~ 35mm? ● Rims 32 or 36 holes? ● Rim tubeless or tube? Any suggestions info me? Please inform me, thank you sir!

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  • We need a follow up on the cheap fork!

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  • I need a extra small bike can I please have 1 I'm your biggest fan

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    Jethro Benedict VeranoJethro Benedict VeranoPrieš 3 dienas
  • Good job man, bike looks a lot better

    Moustache MikeMoustache MikePrieš 4 dienas
  • Seth if you haven't given that bike away I need a new bike because my parents bought me the wrong bike and it is a hybrid without suspension and I hit a lot jumps after me building them and I try to do a lot of Trails and right now I am on blue trails with rock gardens and my hybrid bike cant take that much shock the front wheel is already buckled so I would love to buy that bike with my own money

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  • At 14:10 lol so little kids aren’t human

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  • "for someone who is extra extra small" lmao

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  • How i wish i had one of those build🥺 its hard when you dont have budget to buy one💔

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  • 7:09 thats what she sad

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  • Giant is very good in durability

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  • ...for a little kid, or a human...🤣

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  • Any reason you got the coil fork over their air fork version that just costs $30 more?

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  • it really fits for my height, love love love it

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  • How about lock-on sticky fingers

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  • chris king makes an adapter headset to allow you to use tapered forks

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  • Flesh 😅

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  • This is hilarious and informative. Subscribed!

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  • Hairspray is your best friend for getting grips on...

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  • 6:00 that's what she said

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  • 12:07 he’s just making excuses because he crashed and can’t take the blame

    Mountain Bike And BMX Videos.Mountain Bike And BMX Videos.Prieš 17 dienų
  • Litterally the video that got me to mountainbiking👍

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  • By the way, brake grips - love them, soak in warm water before trying to fit them ;)

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  • "Most of you would probably use a mallet to put this cup in..." Nah, I would've used the fork as a cup puller. Lol.

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    • Thats actually smart

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  • why does this title look like a pnhub title

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  • Sticky fingers tip spray some hair spray into sticky fingers it dry away to nothing also acts as a lite glue once in place use it on tight bar grips aswell.')

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  • That’s a nice bike 👍

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  • special reaming tool

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  • Hi, I put my “stickie fingers” in hot water first so they can dilate so they can go easy

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  • I'm on the same bike! I want to put on my bike a 9s sprocket . But, I wondering what to change the rear wheel. So,If you do not mind please tell me how to buy the wheel.

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  • Use a tiny bit of alcohol inside the lever covers to put them on. They slip right on..

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  • Looks like a 44mm headset - why not buy a EC44-40 lower cup (tapered). Then you could use a much better fork.

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  • so kids are not human?^^

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  • Think about it change the frame and it building a new bike

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  • Can I Buy it

  • Re lever grip install - try alcohol and a zip tie(s) as with bar grips

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  • You know what works better than compressed air for installing grips or sticky finger etc., hairspray. It lubricates the rubber then dries and stays

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  • “I would say in terms of color matching, on a scale of one to ten this is, green”!!! I’m dying

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  • Use hairspray on the grips and sticky fingers. Slick when wet and tacky when dry

    Andrew LamarcheAndrew LamarchePrieš 27 dienų
  • Great video! I’m rebuilding an old Trek Mt bike. I’m looking for a fork with 31.8 steer tube. Have you seen any good budget options?

    Dave SatherDave SatherPrieš 28 dienų
  • man - I loved watching this - you have great energy and enthusiasm (as always) :) What would be great to know would be the context of weight etc., ... i.e. you mentioned about the frame-size being fine for your size but how about the weight that those forks are suitable for? (I'm only 5 ft 8 inches / 174cm but my pacific-island heritage means high muscle-fibre density which means I'm heavier than I should be for someone my height and shape ... I'm 95kgs / 210 lbs with a power-lifter type body-shape). Reason I'm asking is because after about 12 years, I'm finally looking to replace my 2007 Giant Glory 8. ok ... side-note: I have attachment issues so I'm never getting rid of Gloria :) ... I LOVE her but I'm 48, she's heavy, and 3 years ago I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic (genetic - not obesity) so my energy levels aren't what they used to be and she IS punishing on the pedalling ... ) So I'm looking at alternative bikes so I can keep up with my 14 year old son who's just gotten into mtb (I discovered he'd been quietly watching LTworlds vids from you, BCPOV, Sam Pilmgrim, etc., ... - so fully jumping on the oppo to get him into the fun :) ) But yeah - heavy bike, I'm not so fit, he's got energy to burn!!!! With all of the current talk about "being over-biked" I'm also starting to think that a better approach is to get something that's just enough rather than over-engineering it for 30 foot gap jumps that I'm just never gonna be doing. So ... what's the heaviest person you'd put on those forks? And given that we often need to "dial in" the componentry for odd-fellas that don't meet the 120 lbs of the designer's (delusional) target market, do you think that beefing up the weight of the oil or spring in those forks is generally a successful way to "dial in" the forks or is there only so far you can go?

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  • Seth!! Rubbing alcohol for sticky fingers and grips works well does two things cleans any contaniments and lubricates for just long enough to slip on grip also dries well!

    scrappy hustlerscrappy hustlerPrieš mėn
  • Hey what would be a good starter bike for a big guy like me?? Im 6,5 250lbs. Thanks,

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